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Survival Through Solidarity

- Mankind only survived prehistoric times by Solidarity: only small groups, living together and caring for each other could survive the hostile and uncomprehensible world.

- We thought we could manage the world, but we made a mess of it, and now we have to try to limit the damages and to repair what can be fixed (climate problems, temperature is rising, to much or to little water, not enough food and many, many storms!)

- Western Europe is gradually becoming a living Museum, just like Japan, only new immigrants can help us and make the difference in the next decade, so Europe : Give us the Green Card system! We need it to keep Europe young and healthy and to give African migrants some hope.

- Private care and help is becoming to expensive, so who will help the old and disfunctional people? Social security will eventually only 'saved' by the Pill of Drion.** It nows seems cynical but we live in cynical times (IS, Guantanamo, Bush, NSA, Snowdon, Assad, Poetin etc ...)

** http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drion%27s_pill

- The only solution is what helped the UK through WWII: Solidarity: every community, every town will only continue to 'live' and function by the help of many volunteers, i.e. unpayed persons, knowing the importance of their efforts.

- So let's support LETS, Repair Café, urban and local biological gardening, solidarity with immigrants and fugitives and buy Greek products.

Do not put all your hope on the government and politicians: look what they have made of it and imagine what is still possible and what needs to be done.

And now some emotional entertainment!

Het origineel van Nino Ferrer (1975)

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