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My sons sometimes call me 'Grumpy' like the dwarf of Beauty and the seven Dwarfs, and they are quite right. But that does not mean that I am wrong or do not have good reasons to be 'grumpy' or even become angry ...

I. A few examples of 'management' by the belgian authorities

Some predictions:

- Belgium's economy is becoming a service economy that swings as a Yo-Yo on the international economical market fluctuations. Just as our Britton brothers did before us, and now Great-Britain has become an ignored loud shouting dwarf ...

- The ECB is making the EU-people poorer buy providing 'free' money at the national banks. The banks laugh their clients behind their back: they have money plenty at virtually no cost. The big problem is that they encounter many difficulties finding low risc customers who want to borrow money and pay it back.

- Young people look different at the Economy and Market: they start small business, sometimes in a market with little or no profits. As a young collegue says: if the Belgian government is continuing its fiscal and economical policy as over the last 20 years, there will be a kind of revolution with young people refusing to pay taxes and to contribute to the social security, and that will lead to the final collapse of the Belgian state.

a) The taxation system (fiscal)

- Set up to provide the necessary means for the government and social security.

- Deliberately 'adapted' so that some companies and well-informed specialists almost do not pay any taxes anymore (see messages in the media).*

And who has to pay the bill and is overtaxed? The little Belgian (labour worker, office clerck, civil servant, small enterprices etc ...)

A fair system would limit taxation at 30%, but now many middle-income people are taxed at 55% (highest rate voor extra income).

This unfair system makes labour too expensive and encourages people to hide income or to do nothing extra. Furthermore, it destroys labor because many tasks, requiring a lot of manual labor, have become too expensive, so these tasks are not done anymore or end up in the 'grey zone' with Polish workers etc ...

It does not stimulates the economy but weighs as a heavy burdon on the future of our social security system.

* Many specialists were hired or compensated by large companies or lobby groups to adapt new legislation or to put small errors in the final texts so they can be misused. If caught, these specialists should be deprived of their Belgian identity because they deliberately misuse the trust they have been given and doing so, they undermine the Belgian state and Social Security.

b) Justice - the Belgian court and Justice system

Here just one item: a very dark page of Belgian justice; I apologise for the behaviour, actions and way of thinking of these so called 'civil servants', I am deeply ashamed in their place!

The story of Jonathan Jacob

Update 2017: after several trials, some people were convicted, but no none ever had to stay 1 day in prison. Not even the sadistic policeman that punched Jonathan to death!

Een ex-rechter 'klapt uit de biecht' en rekent af met Justitie (neen, niet de SM-rechter die heel onrechtvaardig behandeld is!).

c) Healthcare: The Belgian healthcare system is often mentioned as an example of a good functioning, quality and affordable health system.

The reality is that the system is a kind of 'shantytown', filled with inefficent and controversial things (services, buildings, medical treatments, specialists etc ...).

The result is that the system always costs more money and usually the simplest solution is used: let the end-client i.e. the patient pay more, he is the weakest and most vulnerable person in the system and can easily be 'charged' if not 'robbed'.

I have to pay four (4) times for my healthcare:

- Every month 20% of my income (paycheck) goes to 'social security'.

- I have to be a member of a Mutuality (health care org&insurance) and pay according to the service I want from them (hospital service, dental care, ambulant care, all-in or not etc...)

- When I go to visit a doctor, I allways have tot pay a patients fee of my own pocket because some idiot (Secretary of Health?) once thought that people go to the doctor 'for fun'.

What is funny about being ill or to have to undergo an operation?

- The same method is used if I have to buy some medicine or undergo some therapy (physiotherapy, an operation, ...): I allways have to pay a patients fee.

The irony is that the official authorities allways declare that 'we have an excellent system at a low cost, an example for the other countries'.

My personal impression is that the government is 'lazy and afraid' and protects more the interests of the specialist doctors, the hospitals and mutualities then the weak, sometimes poor and powerless patient.

Some recent cynical news: our government pays hundreds of millions of tax money to pharmeceutical firms as 'support and help for research'.

d) Government&Policy - commend for civil servants - Ik ga verder in nederlands omdat dit een interne Belgische kwestie is.

  Frank Van Massenhove   


Ik ben zo geen fan van Frank, maar wat hij zegt is waar ...                                    

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